Teach Before The Breach (TBTB)

Create the superhuman firewall using our customized cybersecurity awareness training program. Get exclusive access to ongoing education and training designed for your employees.

Get Your Employees TrainedGet a Free Dark Web Scan

Teach Before The Breach (TBTB)

Create the superhuman firewall using our customized cybersecurity awareness training program. Get exclusive access to ongoing education and training designed for your employees.

Get Your Employees TrainedGet a Free Dark Web Scan
In the current state of technology, a data breach is one of the biggest risks for a company’s security, as these attacks can be detrimental to a business’s wellbeing. To decrease the likelihood of a data breach, GoodSuite has developed Teach Before the Breach (TBTB), a customized cybersecurity awareness training program that provides the necessary information and skills to help users avoid cyber-attacks. GoodSuite is a premier provider in the world of cybersecurity, offering training to employees in the counties of Ventura, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange, Tulare, Madera, Kings, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara.

The Power of Humans!

Humans are more than just a vulnerability; they’re heroes-in-training that just haven’t found their superpowers.

95% of all successful cyber attacks are caused by human error.

Educating employees about common cyber threats can protect your organization and minimize risks.

One in five small businesses suffer a cyber breach annually. The Teach Before The Breach (TBTB) training program will provide the essential knowledge and skills to help users avoid cyber incidents and strengthen the overall cybersecurity culture in the workplace.

By combining the latest threat intelligence, technology, and training, we help your business reduce security risks through ongoing user education and cybersecurity best-practices awareness testing.

The Risks of Data Breaches

Unfortunately, data breaches can result in severe consequences for businesses, especially small to midsize businesses. First and foremost, they can cause financial losses, as companies may incur costs associated with investigating the breach and implementing measures to get back on their feet.  

They may also deal with regulatory fines and penalties for failing to protect customer data. Additionally, data breaches can damage a company’s reputation, decreasing customer trust and loyalty. The negative public perception of a company’s inability to protect sensitive information can have long-term impacts on its brand value. Legal consequences, such as lawsuits from affected individuals and regulatory authorities, are also possible after a data breach.  

What is included in the Teach Before the Breach program and why is it important?

Although the team at GoodSuite is well aware that human error is one of the biggest causes of data breaches, we also believe that this vulnerability can be transformed into strength with proper education.  

The Teach Before the Breach program includes comprehensive training and information that employees can use to better understand the risks of insufficient cybersecurity. TBTB includes the following elements to properly inform employees about cybersecurity:

Why do we cover these topics? What are the benefits? GoodSuite’s layered approach to security recognizes that the human layer is the most vulnerable link. Cybercriminals have shifted their tactics, with social engineering attacks now surpassing malware as the preferred method for compromising data. However, companies can reduce this risk by empowering their employees through comprehensive training and implementing robust security protocols.  

Confident employees who are well-versed in security best practices are less prone to making mistakes that could lead to a data breach, and in the current landscape, this is the most powerful tool, as it allows companies to diminish the power of social engineering tactics. 

On-Going Cybersecurity Awareness Training includes:

E-Learning with current and continually expanding relevant content

Sophisticated real-world phishing simulator to test employees awareness

Live in-person training on security best practices

Management tracking and reporting of training and phishing campaigns

Ability to launch and manage campaigns to multiple sites

Why is it important?

Security is a layered approach and the human layer is the weakest link

Social Engineering attacks have overtaken malware as the preferred method of compromising data by cybercriminals

Confident employees empowered through training and established security protocols are less likely to make mistakes that allow a data breach

Prevent downtime and lost revenue by adopting a proactive approach to security training phishing campaigns

Ability to launch and manage campaigns to multiple sites

What is the value of customized training?

An on-going training program is consistent and effective, rather than a one-time lesson

Training is continuously updated and expanded to match the current cyber threat landscape

Simulations allow employees to practice safe online behavior and help reinforce the training and improve effectiveness

Customized program designed for your users covering:

1) Phishing and Social Engineering 2) Access, Passwords, and Connections 3) Device Security 4) Physical Security

What to Teach Employees

When you are training employees on the importance of cybersecurity measures to prevent data breaches and other cyberattacks, it is crucial to cover a comprehensive array of topics to properly prepare users.  

An extensive security training program for employees should cover the following topics and more to effectively inform your workforce: 

To maintain the most effective security for your company, ongoing training and refresher courses should be a priority. Why? Because having the most recent, relevant information is critical to keeping your data safe. Outdated systems and practices are a key reason many companies end up falling victim to cybercrime. To successfully protect your company, upkeep is a must.   

How can you measure the success of the Teach Before the Breach program?

To fully understand the impact of GoodSuite’s TBTB program, it’s important to gauge its success through the following metrics. GoodSuite simplifies these measurements of success through the Employee Secure Score (ESS), which assesses your personal security strength. This system assigns scores based on items such as your profile, completed training, weekly micro-training videos, simulated phishing tests, and more. Certain missteps decrease your score, while successes boost your score.

A fun and interactive element of ESS is the Leaderboard, which serves as a friendly and productive competition between employees. The Leaderboard allows you to see the ranking of your coworkers based on their Employee Secure Scores, encouraging staff to work towards reaching the top spot and increasing their score. Using this system allows you to tangibly see how employees have improved in their cybersecurity practices over time and lets you understand the results of the training program. 

What is an ESS?

Think of your Employee Secure Score (ESS) similar to a FICO credit score, but instead of measuring your credit worthiness, your ESS is measuring your personal security strength! 

What improves your ESS?

Improve your ESS by setting up your user profile, completing annual training, acknowledging company policies and procedures, and by watching your weekly micro training videos and doing well on the subsequent quizzes! 

What decreases your ESS?

Your ESS is negatively impacted when you fail a simulated phishing test, your company email is identified in a dark web breach, you do poorly on a weekly microtraining quiz, or you fail to complete any of the items listed in the “What Improves Your ESS” section. 

What is the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard is a friendly competition with your co-workers!

Engage in some friendly competition withyour co-workers by facing off for the topspot on the leaderboard! Who will have the highest ESS in your company and win bragging rights as the cybersecurity champion?

Interested in learning more about how our Teach Before the Breach program can improve your company’s cybersecurity practices? Request a consultation today and discover how we can tailor TBTB to your needs!  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

“Teach Before the Breach” is a program or service provided by GoodSuite that aims to educate individuals and organizations about cybersecurity best practices to prevent data breaches.

Cybersecurity education is essential because it helps individuals and organizations understand the threats they face in the digital world and how to protect themselves. It empowers them to make informed decisions to prevent data breaches.

“Teach Before the Breach” is beneficial for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and any entity that uses digital technology. It’s designed to help anyone interested in enhancing their cybersecurity knowledge.

Yes, “Teach Before the Breach” is designed to cater to individuals with varying levels of cybersecurity knowledge, including beginners. It provides foundational information and gradually builds on it.