Collaboration & Communication Made Easy
Maximize your success with Professional and Interactive Display Systems that can be used in any environment, from the office boardroom to the conference room, a training session to the lecture hall. Our Interactive Displays allow you to motivate your audience, improve your image, broadcast your message, and even use it as a map for navigation purposes.
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Can't Get Your Message Across While Looking Professional?

GoodSuite can help you take your organization’s communication to the next level.

Having Difficulty Engaging Your Employees?

Disengaged employees are 12x more likely to leave their job within the current year. With an interactive display,
everyone can engage meaningfully in
small-group meetings by sharing onscreen information. Intuitive touchscreen operation, whether with a finger or pen, facilitates active collaboration and a lively exchange of opinions. And with the optional wireless board, you can also have BYOD meetings.

Can't Get Your Message Across To Your Clients?

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. Transform your interactions with clients and other visitors by placing an interactive display system in your meeting room. Touchscreen functionality
helps bring greater focus and productivity to your interactions. When not being used in a meeting, it can be used as appealing touchscreen signage displaying corporate ads, notices, and other information. 

Are You Having A Hard Time Collaborating?

Interactive displays allow you to do your work faster and improve your organization's efficiency.  In both business and educational settings, interactive displays enhance collaboration and group learning sessions. For example, the interactive display can work as a sophisticated bulletin board or flip chart. You can import data to display, write on it freely by hand, and digitally save your handwritten notes for future recall.

Make An Impression. Wow Your Audience.

Promote Collaboration

Promote project engagement with smooth collaboration, screen sharing, easy workflow, and video conferencing.

Ease of Use

Annotate, draw, markup, scan, print, email, and convert with a simple touch. Move it from room to room, or mount it.

Unmatched Control

Our displays offer a highly sensitive 4K touchscreen with Capacitive Touch and Palm Cancellation technology.

4K Ultra-HD TFT Full Array LCD Screen
3-Year Limited Warranty
Mobile Connect facilitates interactive presentations, lively discussions, and paperless meetings
20-Point Multi-Touch Screen for up to 4 Simultaneous Users
Make your office smarter with Windows Collaboration Displays
Auto-Sensing HDMI and USB Inputs
Share marked-up documents or print hard copies for future reference
Video conferencing is made easy with 8 (eight) different mounting locations

Take Your Communication To The Next Level

Interactive Display Systems

Sharp AQUOS BOARD® Interactive Display Systems are much more than your typical interactive white boards. Designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts, their highly responsive touch pens allow several people to write on the same touch screen at the same time. And the SHARP Display Connect software enables multifaceted wireless communication. Whether in the office boardroom or the classroom, GoodSuite changes the way you communicate.

Windows Collaboration Displays

We offer the world’s first Windows Collaboration Display certified for Microsoft Teams. Today’s modern business environments thrive on ‘we-centric’ work and technology has a huge role in bringing teams together to be more productive. Interactive displays play a vital part to support teamwork, either together in a shared meeting space or bringing people together from remote locations, enabling effective collaboration and improving team engagement.

Leveraging Technology To Maximize Your Success

Find Out How an Interactive Display Benefits Your Organization.

Integrate with Your Favorite Productivity Tools

Intelligent Management of Meeting Environments

Capture Meeting Notes Directly On Display

Make the most of your Group Sessions

3 Easy Steps To Increase Collaboration

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