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What is the Dark Web Scan?

Criminal searching through the Dark Web

Cybercriminals on the Dark Web work hard to keep law enforcement and good-guy hackers from uncovering compromised data. So, while we do have human-verified data and a team hard at work cracking passwords, there may be more information on the Dark Web than what is being presented here today in the sample report.

The Dark Web is large and complex, and there are locations within it that have yet to be penetrated and indexed. Therefore, it is imperative that you adopt a proactive approach to educating your employees on phishing emails and other tactics that can result from breached dark web data.

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By diving into the depths of the Dark Web, we are able to perform a scan that searches for the presence of your organization’s email domain.

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You can view our Sample Dark Web Status Report and get access to our Dark Web White Paper.

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