FAQ’s – Common Issues

You have two methods to add an email address or network folder to your MFP’s address book. You may access the web interface by entering the IP address of your MFP into any web browser. From here, you can choose the “Address Book” option and select “Add”.

Alternatively, you also have the option to add an entry at the panel of your copier. Open your Address Book and choose the “New” option.

Typically, when your printer is behaving slower than usual, this may be indicative of a network issue. Try restarting your computer. Next, you may also consider restarting your printer.

If neither of these solutions improve speed, consult your network administrator.

Most copiers come with the feature to print on envelopes. Before you can begin printing, you must make sure your machine recognizes that envelopes have been loaded. Some copiers can print envelopes from one of your trays, while others will require that you load envelopes into your Bypass tray. Ensure that the machine’s tray settings are set to envelope paper.

From your driver you will want to select the envelope paper size. Alternatively, you may select the paper tray you wish to print from.

Color can be disabled by default. Usually your device will have a settings page specifically for your copying. Within these settings, look for the default preference for your copier. You may choose color or black & white. Always remember to save your settings.

Under our maintenance agreement, we provide this for you. Contact our service department and we will send a technician to perform firmware updates for you.

If your IT department wishes to perform the update themselves, please notify us and we would be happy to provide assistance.