Monitor The Temperature of Incoming Individuals Fast, Efficiently, and With No Contact.
As businesses, schools, and public spaces begin to open up again, many are concerned about the increased risk of exposure. With the Protect98 temperature scan and facial recognition device, you can offer safety and peace of mind. Use the Protect98 device and program to create a temperature scanning kiosk in your entryways making contactless entry easy and safe.
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What Is Protect98?

Protect98 is a temperature scan and facial recognition device and digital platform. Protect98 is customizable, allowing you to decide what steps you want employees and visitors to complete upon entry and design communication to fit your safety protocols. Protect98 is a dust tight and water-resistant platform and can be mounted on the wall. It features a 2 MP binocular camera and a display screen.

Protect98 is a digital platform that is designed to perform the following functions:

Have A Touchless, Accurate, & Simple Experience

Touchless & Automatic

Protect98 Kiosk requires no physical interaction. Look at the camera and get the automatic temperature reading in 2 seconds.

Instant Notification

Be informed immediately if someone is feverish. No one is getting past the entrance without your knowledge.

Simple, Modern, & Sleek

A minimalist, modern station that fits in any environment - retail stores, restaurants, schools, warehouses, office buildings, hospitals, and more.

Security When You Need It

Automatic Temperature Measurement

In two seconds, the Protect98 measures and displays Pass and Fail with both red or green lights, visible 360 degrees, and a professional and pleasant audio response, with the audio volume set suitably for the environment. Create a safer environment for your employees and customers and give them the peace of mind they deserve when entering your place of business.

Facial Recognition Accuracy

The Protect98 can operate as a stand-alone unit or can be expanded and networked together. The included software can keep a record of the visitors and employees while measuring their temperature. The database can hold 30,000 separate images and has built-in facial recognition with 99.7% accuracy. Even when a mask is worn, it is still 95% accurate!

Mounting Options

Mounting options include wall mounting, table stand, and floor stand. The floor mount enables tilting to accommodate all heights. The floor stand can be fitted with an optional hand sanitizer dispenser which is touch-less, battery-powered, or AC powered.

3 Easy Steps To Create a Safe Environment

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A Demo

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Your People

Offer safety and peace of mind to your employees and visitors with Protect98 device.